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I make stories for the monitor and page, through:

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Be it for a web application, a brand, or just information, interfaces have been a large part of my work on the web and in print. Here are a select few of mine:

[Melissa De Leon's Website/Logo](

Melissa De Leon’s Website/Logo

Portfolio website and logo for Melissa De Leon, a greater NYC area independent filmmaker with experience in producing, writing, and being a production assistant. Give her a shout!

[MCCC Course Alignment Doc Tool](

MCCC Course Alignment Doc Tool

Web application developed to assist MCCC faculty in creating Course Alignment Documents. Allows interactive input of repetitive elements and granular building of document sections.

Frontend was developed with vanilla JS, jQueryUI, and Semantic UI. Backend was developed with PHP, using TinyButStrong and its OpenTBS plugin to produce the document files.

Looking to rebuild this with VueJS and docxtemplater.

[MCCC Teach Site](

MCCC Teach Site

With MercerOnline providing content and support, I created a site for MCCC which provides teaching resources, LMS support resources, and training information. The site is also the home of various conferences held at the college, including the Engaging Learners in the 21st Century conference and the Leaders Symposium.

[*Sam and Saah* Website](

Sam and Saah Website

Site created for the independent webseries Sam and Saah, currently in production. Static site using Vex.js for informative modals, and elements of Bulma for grid layout and navigation.

[*Gear Girls* Key Graphic](

Gear Girls Key Graphic

Graphic created for the independent documentary Gear Girls, currently in production. Also in use by the subject of the doc, an all-girls, all-PoC robotics team.


Video games have been my passion since I was a toddler, my first games finally being designed in college. I’ve run the gamut since then; from level progression and layout, to 2D/3D asset creation, to music, to voiceover, to writing, the list goes on.

The following is a selection of the games I’ve made, with more on my page:

[The Sieve and the Siphon](

The Sieve and the Siphon

The Sieve and the Siphon is the tale of a young Sieve operator and her journey into a mysterious cavern, one holding secrets to the past. Will those secrets solve her current woes? Or will they just make things worse? Find out by playing it right in your browser!

[The Labyrinthine Night](

The Labyrinthine Night

A survival-horror-ish adventure made with Godot Engine! The Labyrinthine Night pits you against a winding forest maze as you search for your lost family members. This was intended for entry into No Excuses Game Jam 1, which had the theme “lost family”. Try your luck on Windows, Mac, or Linux!

[School Years](

School Years

My first game made with the Godot engine! This game is a not-exhaustive-at-all synopsis of my grade school years, with gameplay heavily inspired by the WarioWare series. It was intended for entry into CFN Game Jam 1, which had the theme “growing up”. You can give it a go on Windows, Mac, or Linux!

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Currently working on a tennis-RPG in the style of Game Boy Color’s Mario Tennis and its sequel Mario Tennis: Advanced Tour. Look out for more some time next year!

For the latest gamedev updates feel free to follow my team’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


Giving life to a world through whatever becomes my medium, on the monitor or the page, tends to be done visually, but the written word is where those worlds start in my process.

My blog is home to my prose, poetry, and other musings, so head there if you’d like to peruse my written work.


I’ve always enjoyed listening to music and doing VO over text-heavy games, so it’s been fun to jump into creating audio for my own works.

For voiceovers, compositions, and more, you can give my SoundCloud a listen along with my choice picks below!

“Night of Fate” Inspired WIP
“The Duet”
Memory Lane - “Life’s Spitting Image”
Memory Lane - “Close To Reality”
Memory Lane - “Introduction/Closing”


Let’s keep in touch! I’m reachable via: